About Green Plus

Since its invention and development, Green Plus has been proven to significantly reduce CO2, NOx, carbon monoxide, particulate matter and sulfur-based emissions. The product has been tested by world-class labs on five continents and is now being used by many of the largest oil companies in the world in order to exceed ever-tightening emissions regulations.

To date, Green Plus has treated over 11 billion gallons of fuel, reduced over 8 million tons of CO2 emissions. and removed enough pollution to take the equivalent of a 200-mile lineup of cars off the road every year. 

In 2019, Green Plus was eco-labeled for its alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. This eco-label verifies a 7% reduction in greenhouse gases, a 7% improvement in fuel efficiency and a 30% reduction in particulate matter and in the case of diesel, a 30% reduction in black smoke. Green Plus is now also recognized as an Energy Transition Fuel Additive.

Hopefully as a planet, we can find a way to produce 100% clean energy, and pollution-free transportation and shipping solutions, but until that day comes, Biofriendly will work tirelessly to improve the quality of the fuel we have.